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Fabstraction Install View


Flinders Street Gallery, 2018

Fabstraction is the meeting place of fabrication and abstraction, where serious play happens. Exploring word associations to fabrication will quickly lead you to jazz. The constructions and assemblages in Fabstraction are characterised by an improvisational sensibility and offbeat rhythmn. The artists’ knowledge of their materials merge with inventive studio experimentation, resulting in energetic and idiosyncratic works. The artists featured in Fabstraction - Grace Burzese, Sophie Clague, Michael McIntyre, Ali Noble and Nuha Saad - share their personal dialogues with painting, steel, paper, fabric and wood, demonstrating that the possibilities of abstraction remain an open ended and dynamic conversation.


Text by Ali Noble, 2018

Fabstraction Install View
Mint Institutional in Fabstraction
Fabstraction Install View
Smog Spectre in Fabstraction
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